Life's too short

Life's too short

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By maksim86, Jun 12 2016 12:00AM

First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my excellent blog, please note that I will not promote any paid or warez source for downloading this tool, I will post a legit blog post that will show how to download logic pro x. I don't really understand why Apple it's not making an Windows Version for Logic Pro ? Maybe because they don't want to sell this product , i don't get it .

If you want to get this software you need to buy it, you will not find any cracked version and I don’t recommend you to search for them because I even if you find one it will be full of bugs and maybe will have a virus and it don’t worth the risk, because this tool it’s not so expensive with only 200$ you can download it from the Apple Store and you will have included lifetime updates and many others things like free tutorials and a lot of solid information to start out .

If you install a cracked version, you will not be able to install any official plugins, and that’s a big problem because without plugins you can’t do many things with Logic Pro

How to download Additional Plugins?

It’s very simple you only need to open the software after that click on settings, and after Download Additional Content and a window will appear with all the plugins offered by Apple, you also have the option to install all the additional content, but I don’t recommend because of the lag of the tool.

First, you will need an Apple ID; it’s very simple just go to and make one it’s free, write down the mail and the password of the ID because every time you make an update or install plugins, you will need that account, and if you lose it you may have some problems. And if you are at College Berklee you can download for free Logic PRO

By maksim86, May 23 2016 10:29PM

Things are going fairly well down here in Tunica so far. The casinos are great, and the staff is very friendly and efficient. Food is entirely free for us down here, so I should probably spend some time on the treadmill tonight, but I know I won’t. I will not be surprised if I return to Ohio 5 pounds heavier.

The poker action has been great so far, and I feel I have been playing well for the most part. The $20/40 hold’em games have been excellent and I have been winning there. I am down a decent amount on tournaments in my failed attempts to satellite into the main one. The problem is that I discovered the one table satellites too late to work my way in. I did manage to win a small one last night for $1600 but I have spent somewhere around $2500 in entries so I am down in tournaments, which makes me about even for the trip, a situation I plan to remedy one way or the other today.

There is a very good tournament on Wednesday at another casino down here which has a $1000 buy in. I am going to head over there today and tomorrow and run some one tables and/or super satellites to get in it. I consider myself to be very good at one tables, and pretty good at supers. If the format on the one tables is good I should have no trouble getting in cheaply, maybe even winning a couple extra seats and selling them.

While I was surprised at how great the format is for the one table satellites down here for the WPO events I am rather dismayed to see how awful the super satellite structure is. I understand that they want to force rebuys so more seats can be awarded but only getting $200 in chips to start with takes much of the strategy out of it. I would guess that a solid player would average spending 400-500 in buy ins and would have a hard time getting much more than 1k on average in return, if that. I think you could average just as much return in a shorter time frame with less fluctuation in the one table satellites, so I wish I had known about them in time to take advantage of them. From now on I will come down 4-5 days before the main events and play one tables exclusively at events with such satellite structure. That should allow me to play all the main events and still make a healthy profit on the side.

Well I’m off to take a little nap now before the satellites at the grand. Good night.